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I wanna be hip, y'all

Name: Shan (sounds like Shawn)
Age: 15, I’ll be 16 may 8
Gender: Female
Sexuality: straight
Location: garland, tx
Intrests: music, people, poetry, writing (in general), my bass, bands, and having fun
Other half? Pictures:Image hosted by
the one on the right

Bands (+10): alkaline trio, avenged sevenfold, hawthorn heights, postal service, atreyu, autumn dervish, Valencia, midpoint, the fall of troy, taking back Sunday, saving Monday, autopilot off and many more I can’t think of now
Books: “the pelican brief” by ryan grisham, “sweet savage love” by rosemary rogers, “jane eyre” by charlotte bronte and all of the point blank series and the sammy keyes series
Movies: Donnie darko, 13 going on 30, the lion king (hehe), sid and nancy, dead poets society, weird science and…I think that’s it…hehe
Television programs: one tree hill, stevens untitled rock show, the simpsons, rockzilla, degrassi, the o.c., and blue collar tv (gid-er-dun!)
Foods: pizza, apples, cookies, yogurt, candy, and barbeque!
Words: trinket, cookie, dingbat, random, muther bull hockey, and muther fudruckers

Abortion: I think it’s wrong, except with reason. For instance, if a girl was raped, sexually abused, molested and anything like that, then yes they should have an abortion, especially if they are really young, why should their lives be tainted with a child when they are basically still 1, themselves, it’s already bad enough they have to live with the fact that they were raped, why add on to it? But if a girl has sex with her bf or multiple guys and ends up pregnant, she stuck!
The popular music scene: musicians do their own thing, it’s the listeners who make music mainstream. If you only like a band b/c some1 else likes them and you want to impress them by saying that you like the same band, you’re basically saying ‘I have no uniqueness, I dunno what I like, and I just wanna follow the crowd’ I don’t think the musicians should be blamed for playing their music, especially if they write it, they just want people to understand where they’re coming from, how they feel and why they wrote it.
Gay marriage: I’m for it! People shouldn’t be told that they can’t marry some1 they love all because you don’t feel right about that person, b/c for 1 thing, YOU AIN’T THE ONE MARRYIN THEM, SO WHY SHOULD IT BE YOUR PROBLEM?!
Drugs: drugs should only be used for medical purposes, b/c all of that other shyt like getting high is bull!

Bands that you can't stand: the offspring…ugh!
What you are most scared of: being in the quiet dark on an October night
What you most hate: mean and arrogant people, people who can’t defend themselves, people who rely on other people all of the time and I really hate annoying people.
Do you play an instrument, if so which?: yes, I play bass, guitar, percussion, piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, and I dj
Something/someone that makes you happiest: adam (that guy up there)
Why do you think we should accept you?: b/c I’m loveable, compassionate, fun, outgoing, and I think I’d be an interesting asset to the community
Favourite MOD and why?: Marisa b/c I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!! She’s in some of my communities and she has such a great personality and she’s so full of ideas and she’s always exceited to star something new and I love her for it, and she has such a great spirit, I just love her.

Promote in two places and DIRECTLY link us: (i also made banners <3)

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