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I wanna be hip

Name: Madi Kociuba
Age: 14
Gender: Pusssssssy.
Sexuality: Straight.
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Intrests: Talking, Hugging, Having fun, Going to Penn Station, prank calling people with Carolyn in Penn Station, Going to the book store with Carolyn leaving pictures of fucking HUGE boners on the table so everyone can see, coloring, drawing, and listening to music.
Other half? Pictures: nooooope.

Bands (+10):
Coldplay, Afroman [because he makes me laugh like there's no tomorrow], Eminem, Senses Fail, The Clash, The Doors, The Ramones, Cheap Sex, The Sex Pistols, The Blood Brothers.
Books: The Outsiders.
Movies: Dazed and Confused, When Harry Met Sally, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, and The Breakfast Club
Television programmes: Sex and the City
Foods: CHEESE!!!!, and macaroni and cheese, and pasta with just cheese and butter.
Words: fuck, cunt, loverlies, boner. 

Sometimes it's goood, sometimes it's bad. Say you're raped, abortion would be good in that case because I know that if I was raped, and got pregnant then I wouldn't want to have a baby as a souvenir of the worst night of your life. The baby would grow up knowing that the only reason it is in the world, is because it's mom was raped. But, other times it can be bad. Like if you got pregnant and then just decided "fuck it, I don't want it. I can get pregnant in five more years" What if in those five years, you develope a problem and can't have babies, but you really want one. Well five years before you could have had a baby, but now it's too late and will never happen.
The popular music scene: Mainstream as FUCK. Every band wants to be the exact same as all the other bands now, because they figure that if the teenagers listen to the other bands, they should sound like them because then the kids will listen to them too. What ever happened to the old music? Like The Clash, and The Doors. I like the "old" Eminem better. I like all the "old" bands better.
Gay marraige: It's love. I honestly think that if the people making the "no gay faggots" rules were gay, then the laws would be totally different just so that they can get married to the man [or woman if it's a lesbian thing] they love. Just let the fucking people love each other!
Drugs: I'm fine with them. Go ahead and do them, but if it gets to the point where you can't live without them, or you are in rehab every day of your life, or you have no more life then it's stupid. But I think it's stupid that pot is illegal, because it grows from the fucking ground.

Bands that you can't stand:
fucking Linkin Park.
What you are most scared of: people looking at me, the dark, and people throwing up.
What you most hate: People that have no common sense.
Do you play an instrument, if so which?: nope, but I used to play the drums.
Something/someone that makes you happiest: coke.
Why do you think we should accept you?: Because most of the people here, including the mods [I think all of them] have been in my communities before. And because I love you, and you love me back.
Favourite MOD and why?: Carolyn, because I know her. and she's fun as fuck to be with.

Promote in two places and DIRECTLY link us:
my journal, it's friends only so I don't know if this worked.but two of the mods are on my friends list, so they'll see it. http://www.livejournal.com/users/___reminiscing/33308.html?mode=reply

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