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I wanna be Hip

Age:  15
Gender:  Male
Sexuality:  Bisexual
Location:  Plantation, Florida
Intrests:  I like listening to music, chillin' with friends, and going on the internet:D
Other half? Pictures:  What?  I guess this means random pics...

The Sims 2
The Sims 2

Bands (+10):
  BLINK-182, Green Day, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Avenged Sevenfold, Coheed and Cambria, Sublime, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, and you GOTTA love Ryan Cabrera:-D
Books:  Um...I'm not a big fan of reading, but I love reading LJ's.  hehe.
Movies:  The Ring, Final Destination 1 and 2, Euro Trip, The Girl Next Door, and Finding Nemo.
Television programmes:  One Tree Hill(when it was on), Wife Swap, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Desperate House Wifes, and Dawson's Creek.
Foods:  I love pizza, skirt steak, and ramen noodles.
Words:  Shit, and hello. 

  I think that if you don't want to have a baby, you should have never had sex in the first place.  But, if you DO get pregnant...I think it's your choice whether to keep it or not.
The popular music scene:  It's cool.  I like to stick closer to punk/alternative though...
Gay marraige:  I think that you don't pick whether you like someone of the same sex or not.  If you love someone, you should be able to marry them. 
Drugs:  I think they're stupid.  They mess you up and they don't help with anything.

Bands that you can't stand:
  They're aren't really any bands I hate.
What you are most scared of:  I'm scared of what people think, and I'm scared of heights.
What you most hate:  People who are posers.
Do you play an instrument, if so which?:  Nope.
Something/someone that makes you happiest:  My friend Ryan.
Why do you think we should accept you?:  Because I'm cool once you get to know me (and I LOVE Tom Delonge)
Favourite MOD and why?: Carolyn because she loves Tom too!
3 Pics. of Me:

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mike, i love you.
sorry, you had simple plan in your bands
but +coheed
and +fall out boy
and +sublime