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i wanna be hip...good thing i have a hip

Jacqueline Racheal Finney
Location:Ely, Nevada
Intrests: Music, Friends, Stuff
Other half? Pictures: title or description

Favourite; Bands (+10):
My Chemical Romance, Coheed and Cambria, The Used, Thursday, Thrice, Blink 182, Bright Eyes, The Blood Brothers, Hot Hot Heat, The Shins
Books: The Bible,cut,the chronicals of narnia(cs lewis in general),francine rivers books
Movies:  Shop Around the Corner, It's A Wonderful Life,fight club,lord of the rings,star wars,all brad movies....PORN PORN PORN!!..ha ha ha jk
Television programmes: I dont watch TV
Foods: Grilled Cheese, Sushi, Chinese
Words: Rad, Lame, Awesome, Groady, Freakin,aloha,sweet
Nay..i don't agree with killing another's murder
The popular music scene: Nay...anything with the word popular is most likly it is way beter to find a band that nobody has heard of and have them as your own for a bit untill others find out how truly rad they are
Gay marraige: is ok! hey love is love and marrige is like the ultimate commitment to love
Drugs: Nay..i'm not into drugs and i don't see any benefit to doing them

Bands that you can't stand:
What you are most scared of: Heartbreak, burnning to death
What you most hate: Meat!, Soda, Gum, Whipped Cream,cloudy days,the cold
Do you play an instrument, if so which?: Piano
Something/someone that makes you happiest: JESUS!Big Bertha, Mark,bianka,tom,candice
Why do you think we should accept you?:Because I like long walks on the beach watching the sun go down, plus i can make a mean waffle
Favourite MOD and why?:
Flossy because she is freakin hot and I like her hair

Promote in two places and DIRECTLY link us:
I don't know how to do links PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!! ? (at least 3)

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