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I wanna be hip

My computer isn't being nice right now, so if the bolding is messed, I will try and fix it another day.

Laconia, New Hampshire


, cheerleading, friends, music, movies... all that jazz
Other half? Pictures:
Yup, his name is Evan, we've been together for only 6 months. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bands (+10):
Cauterize, Taking back sunday, THE USED!, Jersey, Anti Flag, Rancid, Against me, Amber Pacific, Fall before the march of flames, emery, Mae, fall out boy... you know the drill
Books: </b>Kiss me, Kill me by Ann Rule, and Cut by Patiricia McCormick
Thirteen, Fight Club, SLC PUNK!, and Butterfly Effect, oh yes, and Saw
Television programes:
I don't watch a lot of TV, Im always online, and there is no TV near my computer, adn when Im not online, I am not home. But if anything, I watch anything on VH1, Im not so into the MTV programs.
MOZZERELLA STICKS!, mmm pasta, anything italian!, chinese, i eat soooo much!
I say mad rad/radical, kickass, and hott a lot.

I am against abortion. I don't think it is right. I can understand a rape situation. Because then it's not really your fault that you are prego. But if you are some young girl who sleeps around and thinks they aren't going to get pregnant, Then I show no sympathy, and I think that the chick should have her kid, and put it up for adoption or keep it.
The popular music scene:
I don't really care what music it is. I listen to anything and everything. The kind of music I listen to, shouldn't reflect anyone, and anyone shouldn't reflect me. So if someone is going for the whole scene punk rocker type of thing. then go for it but don't do it to be cool.
Gay marraige:
I am all for it. I have multiple friends that are gay. when they get older, and they want to get married then i don't see why it matters. Everyone loves the same way, and it's not like it is going to hurt anyone. so eff you non gay marriage believers!
no thanks. They screw your life up too bad when you get into them a lot. Never really experienced it myself but i have seen it happen.

Bands that you can't stand:
Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Destiny's Child.
What you are most scared of:
Being spun around!, spiders, small spaces
What you most hate:
people who are fake, and try to be someone else to fit in with others.
Do you play an instrument, if so which?:
No, Im not good enough for that. I would be a disgrace. but i wish i could play the drums, or guitar
Something/someone that makes you happiest:
Evan Scott! I ♥ him! he is amazing!
Why do you think we should accept you?:
because I am cool? I don't know, why do you want to or not want to accept me, your mod __overated, is who wanted me to join
Favourite MOD and why?:
I don't play favorites, it's not nice. they are all beautiful!

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